Tuesday, September 29, 2009

About customized Android ROMs.

The popularity and demand for customized ROMs has been increasing, with many users deciding to switch from the OEM Android build to one of these custom ROMs. Unfortunately, Calling Card doesn't work well with some of these ROMs, and sometimes it even breaks with some non-Google OEM builds. Rest assured that Calling Card doesn't make use of any backdoor API, all the API calls and constants are defined in the official Android SDK. But some customized builds of Android change the dialer and the call log provider, making the app incompatible. As a software engineer, I do extensive testing of my applications both on the emulator and on the TMolibe G1 before posting them to the Market. Unfortunately, I don't have the resources to test on custom ROMs or on all OEM modified builds. If you find that Calling Card doesn't work on a particular custom ROM, please urge the ROM provider to publish a system.img for developers to run the ROM on the Android emulator.