Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Release notes for v1.6

Version 1.6 adds:

  • Call log update: There is now a new option that allows you to update your call log to show the international number you have just dialed, instead of displaying the calling card local access number as it has been done in the past. This will take effect on any new calls you make using Calling Card, but it will not change existing call log entries. If you prefer to have the log show the calling card number, please go to Settings and disable the call log update option


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Paul said...

I'm using V 1.9 and have installed a Vox Ultra card from Canada.

I've installed and set properly and have the configuration like this:
Dial access number
2.Dial 2 sec pause +
3.Dial pin + x
4.Dial 2 sec pause +x
5.Dial Destination +X

Destination number setup
Replace+ with 011

I have timeout set to 450 secs and I also have overide checked.

It says after I push + then the number 33 15672 6000 (france) I wait for 5 seconds with no tone and then it asks me to please enter my call card number.Argghhh! Frustrated, am I doing something wrong?
Will google voice inefere with this app as it does mention it in troubleshoot.
Please tell me if you think I've done something wrong.
Thank you

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